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Truong Duy Nhat, a contributor to RFA's Vietnamese Service, vanished in Bangkok after fleeing Vietnam to apply for political asylum.
Farmers all across the middle part of the country are going bankrupt at an astounding rate, and over half of all farms in America are now losing money.  The trade war with China has been
Known on the streets as ice, the drug helps some users forget their misery, but addictions rise.
The only thing that seems to be constant in our society is change, and today America is changing at a pace that is more rapid than we have ever seen before.  But is that a
Is it okay for the U.S. government to pay for scientific experiments involving bizarre mouse/human hybrid creatures that were created by grafting aborted baby parts on to mice?  Needless to say, the answer to that
Helen Nguyen hopes to raise awareness of her husband Michael Nguyen’s case by meeting with congressmen.
Government sends teenagers to protect pine trees from hungry larvae.
The U.S. national debt is wildly out of control, and nobody in Washington seems to care.  According to the U.S. Treasury, the federal government is currently $21,933,491,166,604.77 in debt.  In just a few days, that
Truong Duy Nhat vanishes after fleeing Vietnam to Thailand to seek political asylum.
Is the United States about to be dragged into another pointless war that will drag on for years?  Have we learned nothing form the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq?  When Juan Guaido boldly declared
Police never provided a search warrant or an order for Duong Thi Lanh’s arrest, her husband says.
North Korean hackers aid Philippine bankers in a massive theft of funds from the Bangladesh central bank.
In the chaotic aftermath of New England's 13-3 win over the Rams on Sunday, Tom Brady was clearly the center of attention.  Even though he had definitely not played his best game, and even though
Directive to light up effigies of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for holiday celebrations angers citizens.
Federal workers need to be prepared for more pain.  If President Trump and Congress cannot make a deal, there will probably be another very painful government shutdown in just a couple of weeks.  Even though
The left has been salivating over the prospect of voting Donald Trump out of office in 2020, but now something has happened that could change everything.  On Sunday, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that
Video depicts alleged attack, though police and alleged victims have differing accounts
Government cites fairness to workers in North Korean-run facilities as it cuts salaries by up to 80 percent.
Apple iPhone sales are never supposed to go down.  For nearly two decades, Apple has been an unbeatable economic miracle, but now it appears that times have changed.  Global sales for the iPhone were disastrous
Meanwhile, another activist jailed for 'subversion' suffers a stroke behind bars with authorities giving no word to his family.