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Her mother says after May 31 visit that the blogger is rejecting prison food and suffering swollen joints.
Security forces at a checkpoint near the courthouse prevent family members from attending the ‘public’ trial.
Vo An Don had helped defend dissident blogger Mother Mushroom, now serving a 10-year prison term for 'propaganda against the state.'
North Korean media meanwhile highlight joint performances calling for 'unification' of the Korean peninsula.
Busloads of workers are seen going into China, with fewer seen making the return trip.
The plant could not likely obtain material necessary for its operations under sanctions supported by China, a source says.
Some say trust must be earned, but others suggest a treaty could ease Kim’s mind over ending his weapons program.
Official media say nuclear production facilities and test sites are being closed, however.
Analysts say definitions and a plan of action are needed to ensure the talks lead to progress.
Others who know about them are reluctant to say so, for fear of the police.
The coupons, issued to the country's elite, are then sold to ordinary citizens at twelve times their real value.
Pyongyang tells its trade workers to arrange investments, look for openings as tensions ease.
High-rise apartments are being offered in Sinuiju city for purchase and investment opportunities, sources say.
A former North Korean diplomat discusses why Kim won’t agree to an irreversible denuclearization.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo secures their freedom during an unannounced trip to the North.
The warning comes after the North calls off talks with South Korea over US-South joint exercises.
An unknown number are killed or injured when a blaze blamed on faulty wiring sweeps through a workers' barracks.
Meanwhile, most North Koreans are unaware the talks were even cancelled.
Gone With The Wind, with its themes of civil war and hardship, is a particular favorite, one source says.