China News

Li Wenzu is presented, in her absence, with the 2018 Edelstam Prize for her outstanding contribution to human rights activism.
Lu Guang has won multiple awards for his hard-hitting documentary work detailing environmental pollution.
Analysts say Beijing is also buying up shares in news organizations and supplying free copy from its own official sources.
British investigator Peter Humphrey has called on the U.K. media regulator to revoke the broadcasting license of Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.
The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) loses control of the southern city of Kaohsiung, a former political stronghold, after a night of losses.
More than 30 activists are currently behind bars, including fervent Maoists from China's elite universities
Local elections on the democratic island may indicate the depth of popular support for formal statehood, amid growing tensions with China.
Huang Qi and Liu Feiyue are being held under arbitrary detention, according to the United Nations.
Students at Lingnan University say their freedom of speech has been curtailed by its own president.
Local commentators say the move is part of a growing tendency for provincial-level leaders to show loyalty to President Xi by evangelizing his ideology.
Prosecution says there was insufficient evidence to secure a conviction for 'common assault,' the least severe of possible assault charges in the UK.
Zhu Chengzhi is likely refusing to deliver a "confession" that could lead to his speedy release, a fellow activist says.
China cut live coverage of the Golden Horse Awards after a director said she hoped the democratic island could be independent.
A massive hacking operation spying on Australian firms originates from China's ministry of state security, according to a media investigation.
British MPs hit out at ‘public nuisance charges used to intimidate and silence pro-democracy figures.’
Huang Wenxun is under formal arrest on suspicion of 'picking quarrels and stirring up trouble.'
Police confront Nanjing activist Shi Jing with tweets supporting a detained rights lawyer before deleting his account on Twitter.
The country's internet regulator orders service providers to clamp down on users, as police encourage citizens to inform on their neighbors.
Police hand down an "administrative punishment" to rights lawyer Sun Shihua after she complained about a beating and strip search at their hands.
Beijing’s moves in South China Sea threaten sovereignty of nations, Mike Pence says.