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But lawyers say political refugees who flee the country to evade persecution could also be targeted under the revised law.
The Protestant church-members had been invited to a training event in South Korea, but police say they pose a potential threat to state security.
The administration of President Xi Jinping is showing the hallmarks of an extreme right-wing nationalist regime under a single strongman, analysts say.
The trilateral exercises in the Strait of Malacca are the first of their kind.
Lu Wei, 58, pleads guilty to taking bribes at his trial in the eastern city of Ningbo, state media reports.
The accusation that the National Party tried to hide the source of a US $66,000 donation prompts calls for government vigilance.
Local residents accuse the government of bringing in criminal gangs to carry out forced evictions and demolitions.
Zheng Xiaosong's death comes on the eve of a visit to the region by President Xi Jinping, and after the investigation of his predecessor in Xi's ongoing anti-corruption campaigns.
The ruling party tells its members not to attend the independence rally, calling instead for a campaign to protect the island from Beijing's attempts to subvert its democracy.
Rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang loses his defense attorney following three years' incommunicado detention amid a crackdown by the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
The world's longest sea-bridge is declared open in a brief utterance by Chinese president Xi Jinping.
Fast, light vessels are needed to patrol the country’s extensive coastline, defense officials say.
Four people were indicted for 'incitement to subvert state power' in March, but their case has been repeatedly postponed under a new law.
Villagers fear nearby drinking water and fish farms will be contaminated by the processing center.
Critics say the bridge is a costly prestige project that will put a strain on the public purse for decades.
Prabowo Subianto is running against Joko Widodo, the incumbent who has cultivated ties with Beijing.
A Maoist group formed to support the struggle of workers in a Guangdong factory to form an independent union hits out at the ruling Chinese Communist Party's official union.
Fourteen children are injured in the latest in a string of violent attacks on schools and kindergartens.
China's foreign ministry throws its support behind a journalist who was escorted from a Conservative Party debate on Hong Kong freedoms last month.
The move comes amid the tightening of ideological controls and surveillance on university and school campuses.