China News

Malaysia’s prime minister, who stopped the project last year, says it might be revived on a smaller scale.
Legislator alleges students, including Muslims, were forced to work in factories and were fed pork.
Schools and teachers are ordered to check students' smartphones for content, links, or functions that could 'violate educational rules.'
Wang Quanzhang's wife says the authorities are to blame for illegally holding him for three-and-a-half years without access to a lawyer.
Political commentators react with warnings about the erosion of Hong Kong's promised autonomy, rights and freedoms by Beijing.
Hong Kong's government bans 'activities promoting or advocating' independence for the city from a square outside its headquarters.
Several ethnic Kazakh women have been returned to a "re-education" camp after refusing to sign exploitative contracts in a textile factory.
The march comes as dozens of overseas Chinese dissidents call on the world to wake up its memories of the 1989 pro-democracy movement on Tiananmen Square.
Rights groups highlight incommunicado detention, the risk of torture, and the mass incarceration of Muslims in camps as areas of particular concern.
More than 100 riot police descend on three independently run mosques in Yunnan's Weishan county, clashing with local Muslims who tried to resist.
Students are targeted after protesting the 'reorganization' of their group by school authorities, a Maoist group says.
Li Wenzu is prevented by security guards from approaching the Supreme People's Court in Beijing, where she had hoped to make a complaint.
The foreign affairs minister for the democratic island of Taiwan talks about the island's independent status as 'a reality that can't be erased.'
Sun Lin retweeted a number of social media posts judged by the authorities to be subversive, as well as shouting 'down with the Communist Party' at a local meeting.
Wu Yuhua and her husband, Yang Chong, are close to getting asylum elsewhere, lawyer says.
The detention of Qiu Zhanxuan comes amid a nationwide crackdown on left-wing students who supported a Shenzhen labor movement.
Fellow activists say Wang Quanzhang refused to plead guilty and fired his state-appointed lawyer as soon as the trial opened.
A ban on the public celebration of Christmas is being implemented in some locations but not in others, Christians say.
Wang Quanzhang's wife Li Wenzu is under surveillance at home, while state security police say the trial will be held 'in secret.'
Activists mail Christmas cards to jailed dissidents in a bid to put pressure on the authorities for their release.